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I have seen many sunny days that all of a sudden changed to a rainy day. However, the most important thing is the time it happens; and that is TODAY.
People go by good names even to the days of the weeks but nobody goes by the name ‘TODAY’.
He said Today should be used as a write-up; a million dollar minutes that even a mad man loves to hear it. A good and bad event; that is the stuff TODAY is made off.
Memorable day, TODAY stalk somewhere in-between life and death. An ingredient weighed by operates’ yet operates’ understanding has a limit. The sunrises and Sunsets, two golden hours a child is born today.
The largest world characterized by a larghetto TODAY gives joy and happiness. The introduction of life, the growing child sees what he has come to see, TODAY is always repeating; IT IS A CONTINUOUS FUTURE.
TODAY is a radical because it speaks the truth, answers all wise question; can such fame be mine?
Then for kids, when shall I grow breast and pubic hairs, even when I would not grow beard but let my mustaches grow this way.
My kids shall be free with me, TODAY is the day they broke their virginity and next time it is said; that day, TODAY shall be used.
I once wish to be a writer, I once wish to a doctor, I once wish to have wisdom, I once wish to be a superstar, I once wish I had no friends and I once wish to make my parents proud but TODAY has come that TODAY shall never come of most dreams. TODAY IS A MISERY.
Going to school to me is merely to make the economy go round and smooth.
Factually, residual knowledge gotten from TODAY makes me speak this way; TODAY SAID.

These I don’t care words made not TODAY; they are in a shirt boldly written NYSC matched with grey caps and trousers tucked-up into a shoe. SWEAT STEPS; TODAY IS A TANG OF LEMONS. Getting sympathy is never like the promising job TODAY has offered.
For past years, finding the one to care for has always been the throttling skill of the mind until TODAY.
There are lots about the thriller and TODAY.
TODAY shall never be forgotten by my friend, ought to have considered herself friendly but TODAY she won the most pressing desire wished by all.
Same TODAY stoned him the words that made him cry. TANGLE TODAY IS A QUERULOUS MAN.
The press only targets the fame to be defamed, why was it not just the MTV BASE PUNK SHOW? What ever goes round would eventually come back around. TODAY the celebrity lost her fame. TODAY AND HER JOB IS ANALOGOUS; HIRED AND FIRED.

My brain threatens me of a fag when I logically solve TODAY’S life arithmetic. Since one plus several sevens multiplied by just one zero is ZERO and zero without any addition or multiplication is zero so as TODAY’S fatality justifies our means.
People are made to put their faces down, lonely because they got sorrows.
As TODAY is continuous the lost souls can never be found picturing moments of past glories is grief; ONE WOULD WISH TODAY NEVER COMES.


TODAY a big boy that has never been to the big city is proudly moving high on an elevator and somebody ease wish he never had fallen from his Apex.

TODAY is filled of pride and ambition. Sneaked out with parents ride, riding down the lane they felt you great. WAS IT NOT LOVELY? But why must TODAY end with a bad incident of note since panel beating and body spraying is not an easy one. TODAY IS WICKED.

TODAY that long persisting sickness has eventually disappeared. Was it the PARAMEDICS or the PASTOR? Moreover, somebody somewhere has fallen into the pit of illness TODAY. UNFORTUNATE TODAY.

The man the GORGEOUS SLIM GIRL admires secretly for long has finally smiled with her TODAY. TODAY IS THE BEST OF LIFE.
There is a probability that in tandem, same events are experienced over the sea, on the sea, in the sea and here …. Today is filled of synchronous experience, yet today has its horoscope.

Onyeche Vincent Ehiedu Onyeka


  1. Cletus Cavez says:

    Its excellent as your other blog posts : D, appreciate it for posting .


  2. I like reading your posts, TODAY The True Poesy was added to my bookmarks in chrome.



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