All I need from love



All I need from love

Is the care in love,

The cold in frost

An electric blanket of trust;

Extracting peace in dove

Stead fasting cleave no splitting clove

Beauty and calm like bonny and above;

Is all I need from love.


No loving-glove or eavesdropping in love,

Unashamed kissing in rave

and balling even to grave.

Transparency like glass and glove

Dancing to no tune but love,

Keeping each other warmth in frost

Give and take like life and death;

Is all I need from love.


A keen that hurls and moves,

Fine-tuning the echoing sound in caves,

Quenching all haters burning stoves

Lovesick shall no longer be slaves

This is all I need from love;

A joy from above

No fire brigade approaching love

But a love that hurls and rove.




  1. Kristin Unruh says:

    utterly hurlingly and rovingly full of that sensation we all know so well as what we need. in love
    POTENT writing Vincent.


    • onyecheonyeka says:

      Kristin you followed me……… Woa. i am so glad this is my very best day. thanks for all you feeds. check facebook wall for a reply to that question you asked. thanks you are the best.



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