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Tales Of A Wife: Ad infinitum

  • Welcome, come into my haven, teddy beer 
  • Taste beer, prove law wicked, and love fair
  • Wireless connection, one brain we share
  • Spend lifetime jointly my graceful dear…
  • Down the stairs or up the stars 
  • Ad infinitum, rest on the bed let them jeer 
  • My hand’s the pillow; let them stare 
  • Put your feet up and destroy those fears
  • Sorrows are gone; cease the tears, 
  • Intertwine our keen, the breezing air, 
  • Starry-eyed care, grab the gear and don’t be shy,
  • A millisec, if signal lowers ’tis like:… years.
  • Head-in-the-clouds, the star stares, 
  • Mayflowers wish they had ears to hear,
  • Cradle insists we lay tranquil for years. 


  1. Kristin Unruh says:

    mmmm…. feeling it. this is a man’s poem, a Nigerian man’s poem, but relatable to modern everyman.


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