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My Mother and Agbor

all she ever sings for

When all falls, Agbor she calls

Got lots of ideas

In my mother’s head

“Uwa-oma Nne”

Agbor, my mothers’ mother land.



The best in her mouth

The best pet in her yard

Her ever best musical band

See her…,

She dances to it like mad

Agbor thought her those pretty steps without bitterness

Other natives are jealous



She noticeably play its’ card

And they dare not throw a hob

Oh yea, she is top

Agbor my mothers’ cab

Agbor my mother s’ hand

Behind her children names

All that she ever had

Provider of all she can ever find



And her all

Like sandman, as she verbalizes

All critics are sent to bed

Forgetting their sandlot, they face the sands.


The only soil fit for her sandshoe

Provider of a perfect marriage

Most productive, tilled by her farm-hoe

No one dares compete with

Oh Agbor, my mothers’ mother land.


Agbor is a town in Delta state Nigeria.

It is my origin, my mother so believe in it. Nothing is all to her except Agbor.

If she searches for the best carpenter, it is in Agbor. If she searches for the best tailor is in Agbor in-fact the best town in the universe is Agbor.

Maybe that is why she married an Agbor man (my father).

Eken, Orie, Afor and Nkwor are the market days. Uwa-oma Nne means good living and luck mother.

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