I knew of a poem that has such a sonic

‘Hey sonny! He gaped’ I remember he did panic

Even his sorcerer’s ward connived with the sonorous link.

An old clumsy clue in finding a clove of garlic.

Searching the garden a garrulous creature ‘Garter snake’, he kicked.

Pass Mr. Snake! Your blood as cold as snow’s ice

Suddenly, sonny spoke slowly; “some snake sing sweet sorcerers’ song”.

Shortly, Garter sang its song “ARABIC FRUIT FOR PICK”.

“Hey Sonny!” Something spoke; “what’s your desire for the technique?”

“Sonnet!” He replied. The rustic bird has such a music

The rustic bird ought to have seen the clove of garlic

“Rustic bird rustic bird”, the snake cried out for garlic.

The birds flapped their wings and danced to garlic sonnet

Sonnet was it and there was the clove of garlic.



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