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We bleached me


    Born in time when I seldom see the hazy heydays

      My chest and calf are flattened and so lazy

      I am not a shepherd to the calf who jogs after his mothers’ breast-milk

      The times of farming against famine are no longer mine,

      We bleached me.

      My cowries, fur wrappers and painted faces had gone blinded

      By the dust lost in the whirling wind

      Once one steals a glance at my tough face

      You see a great farmer, merchant and hunter

      Not forgetting, we were born Kings

      Like a sharp spinning hawk, I saw clearly from the sky

      The palm-wine sharpened my wolfish-yellow naked eyes

      I saw all including the unfriendly ghost

      I feared; but, the chick also feared the hawk

      Respect was reciprocal, we picked our roots

      Never held the dumbbells

      But I was muscular and strong

      Everyday people, I had problems but could predict the pregnant cloud

      Not educated, I thought as sharp as though

      Enlighten I have become, we bleached me.

      The tails by moonlight of such kind

      Childhood and youth age were so keen

      God’s finger touched us at due time

      I saw joy in my children, friends and relatives

      Not forgetting my many wives.


      1. Barney Emge says:

        You are a very intelligent person!


      2. We bleached me The True Poesy was added to my favorites. I can not wait to learn even more about this subject.


      3. I rate this poem 5 of 7



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