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Tales Of A Wife: Zodiac Wanderer

In life, there is love
Not even the horns of Aries the ram
Or those of Taurus the bull
Is well-built to uproot love
Love and life is like
Gemini is twin.
We are Cancer the crab
Nothing in life can deprived us
From pinching this love.

In life, you’ll feel that electron
Flowing through electrodes of heart
It never dies outside a blinded fable
Virgin Virgo may refuse the energy:
Truth be told:
On a cradle she shall get laid,
Loosen up and be liberated by Libra
He never fail to balance the synergy. 

Life is a wanderer
Love is its follower
Getting strings attached
Scorpios the scorpion may sting
Sagittarius the archer may shoot
Love never dies,
Its as stubborn as Capricornus the goat. 
If you never loved
You never lived.

Love feeds life and life fits love
’tis like Aquarius the water bearer
And its love-fish
Pisces must swim while it lives
Till the tides separates; Life goes on,
Then love comes by;
Alongside break-up or death
If you’ve never loved, you’ve never lived.

1 Comment

  1. Nice poem. Keep it up.



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