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Mums’ glassed heart

Ah babyish ones; learn by heart

Discovering and destroying the household chattels

3.    Commit to memory, we will one day be aged


Nothing last in the beautiful home of blare

But just like darkness in the middle of the million rays

6.    Implausible, something never washed out


Ay….. youthful ones; remember

Remember…! The glassine dad set aside on the bench

9.    Relocated by mum to rest by her adored divan in the ranch


Astonishing, it controlled the doldrums of mum and dad

That it installed a smile on their lovely visage

12.    So visible it became a bandage


Green-eyed we became

And their bespangle were filled of optimism and serenity;

15.    We inhaled love from their graceful breath


Like kids which we were,

Our next agenda was to discover

18.    All hidden magic, which bonded mum and dad


We tussled and romped waggishly with it

Mum rescued and recurred the glassine

21.    Yelling at us


My glass heart, the present from your dad

Anyone who breaks it breaks my heart

24.    And we wondered why she got a breakable heart.



By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka



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