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Ngozi of all traits, poise, willpower and heartiness

Greatness precise to attitude, victorious she is

Nevertheless, behind her shine is a first-rated husband, don’t forget the kids

To whom she whispers the shrewd strategies to at the right time


Mother, wife, Sister and Aunt; Pretty she is, pretty she does

Like a hen, she protects her kindred and discipline she edifies

So sharp-eyed, she first glimpse the fiery fire

And clears the road for those who deem


Banquet hot-dished cold, kitchen never dries; hardworking she is

Her well-prepared meal nourishes the Kindred soul

For the hale and hearty Kindred, her perpetual love is endless

At night she tucks them up snugly in the well spread beds and; comfort is infinite.


At days of snag, she remains steadfast to God; He never fails to answer her

Always on the rally round track; all for the betterment of the kindred

Healing hands, preferred to be weighed down by those who lean on her

In her thrilling track’s perkiness, many passed many stiller passing.





Mrs. Onyeche B. Ngozi is my mother.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2009


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