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Iroma !

  • Iroma,
  • Happy October
  • Do we regret or rejoice
  • Over your independence
  • When corruption, negligence,
  • And institutionalizing democracy still prevails?


  • Chukwu,
  • Our fleshy tissue freezes and heart bleeds.
  • Should your faithful servants
  • Tell the plebs
  • To stand or take on heels  
  •  As the sandy valleys turns rocky hills?
  • You haven’t failed us, but
  • The Oceans are dried lakes.
  • Fishes are strangulating and,
  • The most awful is that,
  • Big whales are comfortable
  • In the dried lakes…What do we do?


  • Iroma… Hurry up!
  • Why allow the maestros
  • Tune to your sluggish pace
  • For sunshine has turned night-rays
  • Chalk and cheese, is your
  • Progress and prolong; big rivals!


  • To succumb to the alum?
  • Osolobue! Le’
  • Look at your plebs
  • Sliding and snail-stepping 
  • Along faceless fate of the sluggish Iroma.

By Onyeche Vincent onyeka

© 2010


Iroma means snail in Ika- Delta State Nigeria.

It serve as an imagery here. Representing the Sluggish development of Nigeria.

Iroma! why have you refused

To succumb to the alum?

Chukwu, means God

Osolobue! Le’ means God! Look