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Life, a far cry

I have my wits about on one thing

Just like no light no mirage,

And no water no fish,

Then without life, no success

And my one thing is success.


Wipe me, punch me like a sack

I’m a tough nut to crack

I would only cry.

Yes, it is a far cry

But I love to try.


Be a trifle jealous or more,

I’m a whale of good try.

Beat me, I’ll scream not for long

I’ll turn a whipped cream sweat successful dessert.

Quite meaningless, a big dream


A drop in the stream

Call it all, even a vision.

But to me, a leg to stand on;

Beat me, flog me like a snake

My life must be a beautiful cake;


Call my try a lemon,

Or even a demon

But don’t stop me or my shine.

Success a sermon,

I must obey.


A long throw, impossible stone throw

Or a long row to hoe

But, a duty I should go.

Call it a priori but to me a theory

If I’m to get the roof over my head.


By Onyeche Vincent onyeka

© 2010


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