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Rejection slip

  • I try so hard
  • They never say I’m good
  • All I get is no loud voices
  • And no pocket filled of handshake.

  • I sow good seeds
  • I expect good things,
  • For I’m a whale of good things;
  • Inexplicably, I’m discouraged by the outcome.

  • My hard work a whirling joy-ride
  • Without motivation
  • And fading dreams.
  •  Crushed; pray it ride-out the dangers;


  • Like false and floating ribs to the breastbone,
  • Discouragement ought not to be in me.
  • She handed me a never sleeping rejection slip,
  •  Messed; now what, should I go on?

  • Like a blood relation it always visits;
  • No shag on a rock it is;
  • Rolling sand in an angle of repose;
  • Victimized; prey my motivation is.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010


  1. Kristin Unruh says:

    once again, a powerful poem!!
    though it’s a mental health necessity and a comfort to others going through the same thing, to acknowledge disappointments, even perpetually the perpetual ones… don’t let yourself sink Vincent!! your poems are inspirational and so that can be your proof that your motivation, however preyed upon by rejection etc… is STILL ALIVE AND WELL!!
    I would love to see you inspirationally expand your intrinsic well-spring!:) into positively imaging your dreams and goals and aspirations~ in your poetry… as if to balance your profound comprehension of their seeming rejection. You know, every well handled rejection adds up the immensity of opportunity that is making it’s way to you. and there is no hurry other than to LET GO of discouragement, and keep casting your line into THAT success, which is utterly in your control.
    You are one who can work miracles with your wordsmithing.


    • onyecheonyeka says:

      Thanks Kristin….
      Please Permit my informal words….. ” Your written words are so great, powerful and indeed inspirational. I am not trying to hype- the comments because you commented but I am saying my eyes leaked (tears) as I read it. No one has ever caught me in such a mood” thanks Kristin. Your words wouldn’t leave my memories till I die and as long as i see the sun.



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