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I… Hate You!

Against my will
Like gravity, you pull me down
Bouncing on me like lion
You tear me apart
Coldblooded, this love bleeds. 

You just a clown
You on my face is frown
Forcefully, I wear your crown
I just glare at your thrown.
Money, fancy things and trips
You bribe me to like your lips
You force me to say; ‘I love you’
Angel, baby, honey, my darling
You the only bitter honey I call vinegar
I… hate you more than the devil hates good.

I wish you bad and no good
Yes, ‘I love you’
But the hatred I have is more
Just like the cigar I smoke
The stress I cope
I’m the alcohol to your kidney
I’m not a disguised toxin, see me
Open your ears my honey
Darling, hear the last whispering
For there is no one I hate as you.


  1. Kristin Unruh says:

    this one is HOT!! well constructed paradox Vincent! lol (but isn’t funny when you’re in the heat of it) reminds me of that movie 10 things I hate about you…
    and of course how painfully compromising it is to hate someone we love… because we actually really do HATE what Loving them warts and all can do to us!! OMG… we get attracted and are compelled and yet just the opposite is what drives us to stay sometimes.
    Love is a battlefield, and half of it at least is fought inside of us


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  3. Elois Linz says:

    How Can I close my eyes when I see a beautiful well expressed Poem


  4. I love the deep expression in this verse!!!


  5. Val Elio says:

    Imagine it is about hate… Yet I love it… So Vogue


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