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Tribute to the Moonwalker

My great moonwalker

He that I dread

Icon I dream

A black in white skin

Definition of music

Definition of dancing

He whose steps I steal

To be learnt by my kin

My Michael is speechless.

I wish I could remove years

Or steal you and place in my shoes.



“Who’s bad….”

I think I am bad too

Jackson, my moonwalker

It is the Human Nature,

The Earth Song

Black or white

Your adventures a thriller

My once living legend

You never heard me speak

Should I curse June

Or Heal the World?



My great moonwalker

He that I dread

Definition of dancing

Definition of music

Your departure an eclipse in music

Our tears can’t remove your ink

I pray it ever runs dry

I pray your talents didn’t walk off with you

Lucifer down,

Heaven in need of music

Maybe that’s Gods’ reason.


By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010