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Tale Of A Wife : Mermaid

She’s a
Mermaid; most modest, 
Like the diamond to dirt
Her beauty is but hidden.
The picture frame of gorgeous
If beauty were to be judged
She would lie continuously as the case.

Dark Nigerian, She’s a
Mermaid; most modest
Swimming to the deepest
With long hairs,
Innocent stare
And beautiful smile.
The beautiful one her mum ever born;
She has got men fishing,
Wishing she’ll
Be visible
On or off the sea
She has got this thing called a C
Unashamed well-built chests,
Plywood tummy and eye-searching navel. 

She’s a beauty to behold
As a story unfold.
She’s like a
Mermaid; most modest,
An Ika girl finer than an ocean queen,
Some say she’s a secret holder
Of a smooth virgin leg.

Finest mammal,
in exile with her
Is like being at home
She is the summary
of an eye-catcher
and mind-shaker.


  1. Kristin says:

    interesting… lovely poem and apt according to the mermaid mythology I’m familiar with… but I have just recently heard that mermaids are considered evil spirits in African tribal lore. do you know anything about this? I know someone who is in love with a young woman who believes she is possessed by a mermaid spirit! I couldn’t believe it!!! thought he was joking, but was told it is a very serious predicament. ?


    • onyecheonyeka says:

      You are right. Mermaids are known to be well beautiful and also in many traditions, they are also figured as evil spirits.

      But in this Verse, MY MERMAIDs ARE BEAUTIFUL and SEXY. When I was Writting this verse I pictured all the beautiful things I have ever known both Human and Nature. So I tagged those I considered BEAUTIFUL both in appearance and character or other wise. Thanks Kristin you are the bomb I couldn’t exempt you…


  2. I love the poem. Well written. Thanks for including me in those lucky enough to read it. Keep writing…



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