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Angels of the beautiful

Angels of the beautiful


I know of a fallen angel

Limited to time on earth

Obsessed men were,


Desires couldn’t bear


Hearts sheared tears

Brains skipped in love-fear.


Like the white and blue sky;

Her beauty is top

The dickens cuteness; is in the rear,

To her beauty competition

O… she is the slogan of fine

Though she is dead and gone,

Seeing her, ones soul and body

Would burn sweetly for years




By Onyeche Vincent onyeka

@ 2008

Dead Man

Never too frozen or warm

He is a food for the worm

Lots of stories in her hand

The dead man spins not a yard.





By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010

Tribute to the Moonwalker

My great moonwalker

He that I dread

Icon I dream

A black in white skin

Definition of music

Definition of dancing

He whose steps I steal

To be learnt by my kin

My Michael is speechless.

I wish I could remove years

Or steal you and place in my shoes.



“Who’s bad….”

I think I am bad too

Jackson, my moonwalker

It is the Human Nature,

The Earth Song

Black or white

Your adventures a thriller

My once living legend

You never heard me speak

Should I curse June

Or Heal the World?



My great moonwalker

He that I dread

Definition of dancing

Definition of music

Your departure an eclipse in music

Our tears can’t remove your ink

I pray it ever runs dry

I pray your talents didn’t walk off with you

Lucifer down,

Heaven in need of music

Maybe that’s Gods’ reason.


By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010

Moment in Time


Day of my birth

I guess they rejoiced

Day of my death

An appointed day for their tears.



By Onyeche Vincent onyeka

© 2010

I… Hate You!

Against my will
Like gravity, you pull me down
Bouncing on me like lion
You tear me apart
Coldblooded, this love bleeds. 

You just a clown
You on my face is frown
Forcefully, I wear your crown
I just glare at your thrown.
Money, fancy things and trips
You bribe me to like your lips
You force me to say; ‘I love you’
Angel, baby, honey, my darling
You the only bitter honey I call vinegar
I… hate you more than the devil hates good.

I wish you bad and no good
Yes, ‘I love you’
But the hatred I have is more
Just like the cigar I smoke
The stress I cope
I’m the alcohol to your kidney
I’m not a disguised toxin, see me
Open your ears my honey
Darling, hear the last whispering
For there is no one I hate as you.





Vultures over the roof

So early, I woke up this morning

With a phone call

That brought out my manly tears.


Need to hide my face

From my plebs flowing eyes

Calamity is on the house

Soon it be on everyman’s lips.



By Onyeche Vincent onyeka

© 2010

I need me a real friend



I search for just one friend

Don’t bend

It mustn’t be good

But a real friend

That I hold down until the end


No reflection no mirror

I got many friends no true warrior

They neither give nor return a favor

They just increase my terror

So I call them horror.


The disease in me never end

That’s why I need me a real friend

Any gender so long they can mend

I need me a mutual friend

Especially to the very end.


© May 24, 2010

7:06pm Monday

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka




My friends do not return favor or maybe I don’t know when they do. I missed out from the NYC Batch B 2010 because I of lack of information. Although I’m the architect of my problem (I didn’t fill the NYC mobilization form) my friends hold a fragment of it for not helping out. My heart is heavy on this piece, lord reduce they tears in my eye.

Rejection slip

  • I try so hard
  • They never say I’m good
  • All I get is no loud voices
  • And no pocket filled of handshake.

  • I sow good seeds
  • I expect good things,
  • For I’m a whale of good things;
  • Inexplicably, I’m discouraged by the outcome.

  • My hard work a whirling joy-ride
  • Without motivation
  • And fading dreams.
  •  Crushed; pray it ride-out the dangers;


  • Like false and floating ribs to the breastbone,
  • Discouragement ought not to be in me.
  • She handed me a never sleeping rejection slip,
  •  Messed; now what, should I go on?

  • Like a blood relation it always visits;
  • No shag on a rock it is;
  • Rolling sand in an angle of repose;
  • Victimized; prey my motivation is.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010

I’m scared to explore

I’m scared to explore

I’m scared to be a celebrity
An end in normal living
When paparazzi and cameras are even to bathroom
Mistakes, omission, cowardice, and phobia
All arising from that scary secret-room

I’m scared to be a celebrity
Though I dislike being
Undistinguished, infamous
An ignominious, men who are unknown
And obscure.

In the secret-room,
Fortunes might makeup fates
Even the best things aren’t equal in their fames
And the lust of fame can be a shame
All in the scary room of a celebrity

Not in a hurry
Nor hungry
There goes my chance
I’m architect of my future
Why I’m I scared to explore.


written By: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

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