Minutes to midnight

Minutes to midnight


Minutes to midnight

I sat alone by the dim light

Hoping love hold me tight

My viewpoint a flying nylon kite

Fragile to the harsh moonlight

I hoped to end the year by Love-side

Network played its part

Angels of love passed out

My pains filled my heart


Minutes to midnight

Love pulled my underwear

Love touched my breast

I touched Loves’ drive-part

I felt nowhere but habitat

I felt Loves presence

Love felt my warmth

I smelt Loves perfume

Love collapsed on me.


Minutes to midnight

I feel felt that night

Loves phone rang out

Network played its part

Absence in sense of duty

After the music stopped

I was Val-less at Valentines Day

I lost Love eyes.

I wept that night


Minutes to midnight

White and black

Love presented it to me

I read the note,

Slow but fast

Cranberries and fact

My skirt curdled

I sat alone by the dim light

Hoping love hold me tight


Minutes to midnight

The full moon halved

The stars vanished

The sun shined

The cock crowed

The roads folded

A rush of blood to the head

A rush of beat to the heart

A rush of red to the eyes


If this is the end of love

I die a minutes to midnight.





  1. jimmy says:

    well constructed


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