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Mosquito in my forty winks

As the moon rises to set and rise again

Midnight is always a trash

On my eyelash

I feel its caress and touch

In the broad daylight while I catnap

It sucks; I regret, slap and clap

I keep it on the hush

Uproar is on a rush

Wildness is never frost

I snuff while I scratch

It sucks;

I regret, slap and clap

Music nourishes the soul


This one perishes the core

Unseen approaching siren

I lean….

My pillow is helpless;

I am defenseless.

Where is my net?

In the darkest night while I rest

My sweet-dream

A changing nightmare

I can hardly crash or open my eyes

From right to left

Then right again, I keep turning

My innocent face is unsteady

Greasy and spotty

My hands and legs are very busy

I clap, slap and scratch

I bleed….

My ears and nails must feel guilty

I hear then I am clapping

Blame my skin for feeling

I never blame mosquito

Till I am down with malaria.


  1. Hello, this is a good write-up. You get my vote for Mosquito in my forty winks The True Poesy and also I am going to bookmark your blog now.



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