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Ode of the Lady-Wolf and Poetry

Ode of the Lady-Wolf and Poetry


Part I (On the Verso)

On the bedrock of oddball pleasure and dreadful fantasy

Unto the bottom of the deepest water, earth and whirling wind

On inhaling the cologne of cuddle, wild lady-wolf became emotional

Starring at the white and black character on the verso

The wolfish-yellow eyes turned white and lovely

The verso left lady-wolf thorny in sentiment.


Part II (On the recto)

Closing the windows of verso to recto

Leaping over walls of iced-moment

Emollient touch, warm caress, and descriptive terms

All ignited lady-wolf to a sensitive thought

Losing and bringing her to the seventh heaven


Part III (Poetic Lady-Wolf)

Dramatic hitch, Romantic rose, Poetry a confessor

Like a wolf-whistle changing rhythm on passionate smell

Wildcat purses piloting the silly mood

To each line, there is a clumsy clue

To all paired, broken or lonely minds

Poetry avenges all adversaries

Hard-softness behind the hardened stone

To lady-wolf, Poetry is her wolfish-grin

She hunt not even her lazy prey

All for the verso and recto of poem.




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