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Ode of the Lady-Wolf and Poetry

Ode of the Lady-Wolf and Poetry


Part I (On the Verso)

On the bedrock of oddball pleasure and dreadful fantasy

Unto the bottom of the deepest water, earth and whirling wind

On inhaling the cologne of cuddle, wild lady-wolf became emotional

Starring at the white and black character on the verso

The wolfish-yellow eyes turned white and lovely

The verso left lady-wolf thorny in sentiment.


Part II (On the recto)

Closing the windows of verso to recto

Leaping over walls of iced-moment

Emollient touch, warm caress, and descriptive terms

All ignited lady-wolf to a sensitive thought

Losing and bringing her to the seventh heaven


Part III (Poetic Lady-Wolf)

Dramatic hitch, Romantic rose, Poetry a confessor

Like a wolf-whistle changing rhythm on passionate smell

Wildcat purses piloting the silly mood

To each line, there is a clumsy clue

To all paired, broken or lonely minds

Poetry avenges all adversaries

Hard-softness behind the hardened stone

To lady-wolf, Poetry is her wolfish-grin

She hunt not even her lazy prey

All for the verso and recto of poem.



Ironical Success


Shakespeare’s love suffixes

A poet poetaster,

Attractive disaster

Desirable “Juliet-ana”

Changing language

Admirer’s savage

The owner’s beverage.

A “love-ator”

That Romeo died for

On a romantic “down-fall”,

Wiping the cold-tears

Forever in the heart

“Love-an”, Juliet call him.

Her forever “love-atic”

Shakespeare would call it love-dogmatic

For it’s a simile to the fish and aquatic.


love suffixes

Written by    By Onyeche Vincent onyeka

© 2010


Based on William Shakespeare Story (Romero and Juliet), these verse laments on love using Romero and Juliet as an Imagery. Most of the suffixes used are grammatically wrong. However, with the Poetic license, they are use to rhyme in lines. Such words (suffixes) are:

-ana: Collected items or information pertaining to a subject. (As in Victoriana).

-ator: One that does a thing or art in a way.

– an: on that is from, belongs to. (As in Italian; European; Nicaraguan; Reptilian).

– atic: Of or the nature of. (As in dogmatic; aquatic)

All these were an extra in:





Minutes to midnight

Minutes to midnight


Minutes to midnight

I sat alone by the dim light

Hoping love hold me tight

My viewpoint a flying nylon kite

Fragile to the harsh moonlight

I hoped to end the year by Love-side

Network played its part

Angels of love passed out

My pains filled my heart


Minutes to midnight

Love pulled my underwear

Love touched my breast

I touched Loves’ drive-part

I felt nowhere but habitat

I felt Loves presence

Love felt my warmth

I smelt Loves perfume

Love collapsed on me.


Minutes to midnight

I feel felt that night

Loves phone rang out

Network played its part

Absence in sense of duty

After the music stopped

I was Val-less at Valentines Day

I lost Love eyes.

I wept that night


Minutes to midnight

White and black

Love presented it to me

I read the note,

Slow but fast

Cranberries and fact

My skirt curdled

I sat alone by the dim light

Hoping love hold me tight


Minutes to midnight

The full moon halved

The stars vanished

The sun shined

The cock crowed

The roads folded

A rush of blood to the head

A rush of beat to the heart

A rush of red to the eyes


If this is the end of love

I die a minutes to midnight.




Mosquito in my forty winks

As the moon rises to set and rise again

Midnight is always a trash

On my eyelash

I feel its caress and touch

In the broad daylight while I catnap

It sucks; I regret, slap and clap

I keep it on the hush

Uproar is on a rush

Wildness is never frost

I snuff while I scratch

It sucks;

I regret, slap and clap

Music nourishes the soul


This one perishes the core

Unseen approaching siren

I lean….

My pillow is helpless;

I am defenseless.

Where is my net?

In the darkest night while I rest

My sweet-dream

A changing nightmare

I can hardly crash or open my eyes

From right to left

Then right again, I keep turning

My innocent face is unsteady

Greasy and spotty

My hands and legs are very busy

I clap, slap and scratch

I bleed….

My ears and nails must feel guilty

I hear then I am clapping

Blame my skin for feeling

I never blame mosquito

Till I am down with malaria.

Unintentional Existence: Baby’s Lullaby

Baby… baby, baby.
Watch the dangling dolly
As it moonwalks, from your cradle,
Craving to the waving sigh
Sing unto the sky
With your silken voice
Sorry, lullaby never meant to tease you.
You barely have a tooth
But your smile could cheer the sky.
Baby… baby, baby. 

Shadow is all over the streets,
Bikers and drivers are now on benches
Soaking fingers in spit
Calculating the day’s profits.
Mickey and Jerry the mouse
Are very busy in cracks
Tom the cat is fast asleep,
Daddy is here with you
Love the words he sings    
And discard the toadyish-voice you hear.
Time shall come when your silken voice shall be deepen    
Baby… baby, baby.

Now the visual windows are shutting
The gentle face is dancing
The busy hands and legs are dead
Dream a dream of all wonderful things
Hidden on, and beneath the dusty sands.
Learn tricks to catching butterflies
When the shadow disappears
Catch colorful butterflies
Under the hot sun and muddy soil
Mum will wash the clothes.
Baby… baby, baby.