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I wish I had missed

Tickles other girls respond to

So I touch, stroke and poke

Expecting the splendours of a spasmodic laughter

All I ever get is just a waste of time.

I wish I had missed the first time that we spoke

For there is nothing to remember in an overlook

I wish I had missed the first time that we poked

For there is nothing to remember but an angry look

I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed

For there is nothing to remember but just a hiss

I wish I had missed the first time that we touched

There is nothing to remember in a mere child touch.


? By Onyeche Vincent onyeka

(c) 2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com


It will take so long just to feel alright
Honestly your sole love cherish my soul
Solo you just called me a con and a cheat
Like guardian angels battling all-night
Securing the night, you know not that all that I fight. 

It will take so long just to feel alright
You were always wrong but claimed right
Saying I’m a cheat, bilk, and a trick
Upon all beautiful things false fall for you I flick 

Yet only your love I honestly sing and write
Others approach every day and night
In midst of their light, I thought I saw the safest flight
I love you yet you think I lie and lie on another dressed bed.

End Of A Silly Love Tale

No more stepping towards you

Our footprint prints wearisome

Paces has refuse to take adventure

Nor be displacing to your indecisive place.


I heard them asking, gossiping all around

If we’re anywhere to be found

Painful laughter they all exploded

Sincere love they showed, distracting you caught me hound.


Now I’m that lost love they loved the most

Irrational feelings though you’re more beautiful never the best,

Stolen from friends now it ends, hope I’ve learned how to live half-alive,

For what went back just came back around.


Seriously, you and I just pretend we knew

Thinking it takes soonest to fall in love

Thinking it takes more to understand love

Unfair love I waited all day long.


You crave not, hiding all regret

Lost in trance a no come back

Silly love tales from hanker to combat

Like a hawk swiftly you swerved, indecisive sincere love neglect


To others who lost me, love warms a bed

To the one I devote to, on her bed I catch a cold

Nobody believes there is an iced inside my soul

Snow in my heart glad I learned how to live half-alive.


Fallen hell no, I’ve grown way too strong

And above an idea to fall back in your arms

Not if you’ll be here, there or call me a dear

On your footprint is engraved regret.




By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

(C) 2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com



Wish wishes were workable wager win

In a slapdash fashion

Casting all my eggs in any basket

Bionic I’ll be avoiding any mortal casket

Teaching her how to return the favor

Injecting and prescribing like a doctor,

Intentionally making her feel more than I do,

She be the subject and I dictator

Dragging her love-van like so do tractor

If she call breakup, she’ll be the one to lose.


Win over genie, I’ll grant every one of

But no painful eraser

For memories wouldn’t completely erase her

Nor hide her odor in a frantic perfume.

Brains be not an empty room

Coitus to passion breakup no doom

Changing mood and remodeling like crazy fashion

It is so difficult breaking a bunch of broom

Beautiful heartbreak wouldn’t be an ugly doom

If breakup calls, wish I could call safari and hunt for another.


By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com




By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com

Native Fly: Africa

Land of great minds, leaders and subjects
‘Uh, oh no!’
High and low, beauty for sure
Sweet and sour, but sugariness more promising;

East to west, no lazy man in the vast east
Who know not how to compel his brown skin to struggle
Irrespective of pre-eminent beauty and splendour
Tiling the soil when the sun fries the most
Nor set traps with bamboos to catch wild beast in Tanzania.

There is no true inhabitant of the west
Loathing to let-slip enthusiasm
Dwelling in or outside the marvellous crystalline rocky land
Of a huge Nigeria black, a Ghana brown,
And a Sierra Leone blood red sand.

Calling himself an African
Bearing a black coloured name
Loving the African Culture and claims to have heard
Great minds like Mandela,
And wouldn’t believe that Africa is destined for greatness.

Is it the enormous Central, historic North or South?
The white and black in shield and craton
Histories, oh great Egypt!
First in many, last in a few
Diverse ethnic groups beautiful cultures, arts and designs.

Early Morning Mayhem

8:04 AM Thursday July 22, 2010

Early Morning Mayhem

At the crack of dawn

No smile uh

I hate you!Who did that and who did this?

‘Not in front of the kids’ Eye to eye, finding faults, exchanging blows

Fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers

‘Stupid family!’ regretting membership to the households

Even neighbors find witches in themselves

Dogs, cats, birds and beasts wonder who the animal is

The wrong side of bed, regular to the neighborhoods.


‘Not again!’
The hot air at the crack of dawn had preheated

‘Fool, stupid man!’
Out of like, love, extreme dislike and hatred.

First light, combating all weekdays even to a holy Sunday

I’ll slap you!’
Ministers, preachers, pastors and members of clergy

Present or to be in the expectations, redheaded finding faults

Exchanging blows, pouring curses, bringing down the dark skies,

Confusion in the family, no peace to the sun-scotching afternoon

When the moon stands an eyeball to an eyeball to its’ charger

And every peace lover is too busy in alone idle or commerce.




By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com


Echo simile


Hello! We echo as smart as a whip.

Echo, our mirror tone of voices,

Million years much older than us,

Years in total stasis like Brine shrimp eggs

Echo, a cryptobiosis our hidden voices

Never wanting to hear us talk,

Whether railway loud or graveyard silent, he never mind;

Like deuce and tennis, here and there, he tows our voices

Mountains high or valleys low, even dirty gutters and earth,

Coming back, he fuss through

Like a tone of air bubbling to the surface water

Exploding our voices like mine to an Army’s death

Sending messages to families and friends

All around us from east to west

Wonder if he needs some rest.


By Onyeche Vincent onyeka

© 2010




Don’t Call Me Mad: Morning Prayers

Six A.M the cock crows
Powerless has the nightmare turned
Out of bed we yarn and row
To fetch the breads for a jowl
Before the tongue taste a chow
We knee, to say good morning to Sir
To Him alone that created the time in a clock.

Young Girl’s World

young girl's World

young girl's World

Young Girl’s World

She seem a new girl from another era

Who know not of the toxin in a snakebite;

Partly Virgin Mary, partly cruel Jezebel

Blessing boys eyes with her astonishing form.

Witching and itching hearts with her skirling voice

Overdose she is when prescribed by the doctors,

Fit feet for Robin Hood and the bandits

To steal, split and give her wile to the needy;

Strange like the world strange to outer space

Boys’ even girls kiss her seducing face

Bed of roses, parting, jewels, and all she ask from all;

A perception of her time she is lost behind wall

Fit feet for Don Juan and the phonies

To charm and sham with romantic escapades.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

©2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com

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