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Lapsed gift

Lapsed gift


Acquainted by the invisible,

Nothing to accede to:


Sink is my pillar of gold

In the will of emptiness

I curse him to torment,

I curse hatred on him,

Success hymn draw closer:


From side to side,

He praise my cruel lapsed gift

That was full of no breathe

But blinking light blinking,

Siren teeming, wealth library lost:


Skin sunk, no wealth to hold

A hide pillar of gold

An acceding gift to unfold

A folded graceful written note

I wrote it all with joy.


By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

©2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com


  1. Juinty says:

    I do not generally reply to articles but I will in this case. Wow a big thumbs up for this one


  2. inna says:

    I always find it enjoyable reading your posts you have on your site. Will be returning often…keep it up!


  3. amonclersaz says:

    I would love to read some critics lines on dis prose


  4. monstergh5 says:

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  5. Frank says:

    Death n inheritance


  6. I went over this site and I think you have a lot of wonderful poems.



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