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Inundated (Novembers’ tenth sunrise)

Dedicated to my Cousins

Inundated (Novembers’ tenth sunrise)

The battle had been won;

Well, almost.

Reunion, some soldiers returned

Others plan to;

May-be tomorrow…

‘Good morning ma’

They might have said

After morning prayers before breakfast

Now… hearts in dashing pupil

Options ran inundated

Like bullets and Diallo

Response in a blink

Phone rang in marathon;

Skeptic plead universe

For paramedics and miracles

Turned powerless oracles in Agbor

‘Please confirm before embalming’

A female voice cried believing in miracle.

Vultures gathered around the tent-top

Tenth sunrise in November

My family must remember

With winked faces inundated with tears.

By Onyeche Vincent E. Onyeka

© 2010 https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com


This is one of the bitter-days calamities. I heard the news; ‘she is dead’. Wish I could be more useful. Not even my words could calm things; my big cousins lost their mum; my aunt.

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