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Mums’ Auto Fruit Cake

  • Fruit cake; crying out to be flung
  • Genre painting, from one fault to another


  • Never in full feather, singing jazz in melody
  • O wonderful singing shock-absorber.


  • “Help it get a leg up”
  • Far be it from it to start


  • From stem to stern; have a gander
  • Family and helpers unwillingly drop a pound


  • Bolt from the blue
  • Do the engine airborne poor witches all day;


  • Or has the witches dead beaten its efficiency
  • O mum’s water-gong engine!


  • “My car just parked me up”: she calls
  • I bet you stay-off mums aging car.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© December 2010, HttP://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com


Fruit Cake: Mentally Unstable

Genre Painting: Realistically Painting

Full Feather: In a real Good Health

Help It Get a leg up: Aid To get Started

From Stem to Stern: From one end to another

Bolt from the Blue: Occurring without warning

Have A gander: Have A look.

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