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Tales Of A Wife: Shrieks

Shrieks of my laughters
The daughters of a dye
Pretty wings that fly
Up in the sky
With a screeching happy-cry.

Always got me
Gazing up the sky
Not just the sky
But the unseen skit
Skit in the blue-sky.

Undisputed beauty of facts
Most gorgeous and fine
Pretty wings of a fly
If you don’t notice
You most be blind.

I dwell under such passion
Beautiful cloud of affection
Blue affectionate infection
Poisoned I am
Paramedics found no solution

Witch-doctors foresaw its function
Spotless pretty winged
Flapping out such colours
Not one in a million
But one in a lone, guess its unique.

This beautiful
Is what everybody would place
As an order
The shrieks of my laughter
After you no other.

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