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Rest-rippers, mind stripper,

My scary illusion I fear the episode

Did I forget to say your midnight greeting?

On the other hand, you came to trouble my brainpower tonight.

Are you the protagonist of my failed illusion?

Why attempt detaining my soul?


My back on my well dressed bed

Like a thunderbolt, my resting mind throbs

It is midnight, the hand of time moved

Energetically nervous the thriller has began

Where is my guardian angel?


Rest-ripper my fountain and river stripper

Flashback, foreshadowing

Which do you bear in the infuriated episode I fear?

On my bed, I smile while I shred in your earth

Slay, sometimes I hardly catch my breath

Nor scream when you cast a spell on me


I cannot go on my heels; I remain on your most feared hill

Willing to payoff any debt, you bill.

Looking at your fierce eyes, I fall ill.

A castle I never built of the whirling wind

Should I give up; termites has catch the big tree I feel


My eyes are wide open

If eventually, I scream

Crazy I have become, the neighborhood feels

Rest-rippers my antagonist,

Its time for sweet dreams worth Broadcast.

Next time I see you it should be in the broad daylight.




by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

(c) 2009 http://Onyecheonyeka.wordpress.com


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