Invisible Heavens

There are millions
Millions of them
Millions of them ever

There he stands
Standing ghostly
Saying something

Sweet tone in vioce
They can’t hear
They’ve got no HIM

There he stands
Stretching his hands
Smiling beautifully

There are over billions
Billions searching
Looking but don’t see him.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

(c) 2011 http://onyecheonyeka.wordpress


  1. zumpoems says:

    Very music with phrases developed like musical phrases. (For example first line: CDE, DEF, DEFG.) Very well done!


  2. Loving the info on this site, you have done great job on the poetry blog posts.


  3. Invisible Heavens The True Poesy was stored like a favorite :), I like your website!



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