e-Paper Poetry of Vinx

Dead Grean White

Nigeria Flag

Nigeria Flag

What Should I say To a “DEAF Ear”
Who is to Signal a “Numb”
Who only can touch “the Blind man”…..
Whose Life is On an Electric Wire….
Nigeria my Nigeria!

What Should I say To a “DEAD MAN”
Who jumped off the saddle
When task really matter
Taking many on a saddle
Nigeria My Nigeria!

What Should I say to the “Bereaved”
Who cried their voices out
When troops fought and like batteries, went off
While hoping green remains greenish
Nigeria my Nigeria don’t tell me it is finish.


  1. It has taught us to look not only at what is being said and pictured, but also at what is not being said.


  2. Jackson Nicholson morona says:

    Dis poem speaks of Nigeria. Green


  3. Jan Kubasik says:

    I genuinely prize your work , Great poem.


  4. Great job writing Dead Grean White The True Poesy. I would like to learn more on this topic.


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