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Our Descendance

I can tell of a teen
As was upon a time
A time ago
Long ago
It has always been enticing
Yet slapping as lime.

Love in a multi-task option
Love rolls in give and take
But there will always be
The Lovelorn and sweet sixteen
The eleventh man and affection
’tis in our descendants

Handling situations
Of the past in present
Seen it all but not the future
Cause something anew
Comes every seconds
But in him her fears are less

She sees their hands in hands
Such things and smiling faces,
Caps and scarf turns black to white
Two to three, eventually flat wheels
Funny how time flys
Their children cry.

…But we feel happy
Somatic beneath the Earth
Side by side in ghost
Overcoming our demons we stay aside
Watching the great lineage
We created… Our descendant!

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
(c) Nov 3rd 2011
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  1. I attended the same high school for three years, and over this time I went through many altering experiences.


  2. Alex Owen pokeda says:



  3. If we take it upon ourselves to end this life, we are altering God s plan in the same way the murderer did.


  4. Dale Mierau says:

    Very interesting poetry! Perfect just what I was searching for!



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