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To the bells and whistles blockbusting life
All that smile out is benignly.
Limitless to action
Not as black as it’s painted.
Intriguing superhuman
Breathe forever Bionic.

(C) 2009

written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

Unintentional Existence: The Day I Die

The Day I Die
I Wonder,
I Wonder…
The Applauses And Folded Hands
Tears That Must Have Seeded Onto The Sands
Texture Of Woods Underneath The Lands
The Day I Die
I Wonder.

I Wonder
The Attire The Motionless Body Abode
Tabby Bodies In Stripes
Turning Grey All The Way
Tangs From An Organic Being
The Flesh So Protected Decay
I Wonder,
The Number Of Bacterial Satisfied.

The Day I Die
I Wonder,
If The Angels Would Rejoice Or Cry
Top And Bottom, Which Would I Path
Thankful I Would Be,
Though My Flesh Feels Not
I Wonder…
If I would Recur It Is The Common Factor We All Share.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
(C) 2012

Tales Of A Wife: 2Rings and The Alter

On an Elevated floor
Hands magnets themselves
Around, Roses are Red
Candles may not be
But keeps the light
Ever so Bright
Angels in White
Joins head together
For this beautiful episode of Love.

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