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We Are Fed up: God Bless Nigeria

God bless Nigeria!

Nigeria had just a hundred toxic problems now two gravy ones are born:

  • kidnapping from the southeast



  • bombing from the northern region



. No doubt, the politicians are its parents; HOW?

The trend of kidnapping in Nigeria date back to the days of oil money in the south then it was the foreigners. At this time, had Nigeria politics not been greedy and incompetent, kidnapping would have been over. This was the right time for amnesty not now when the damage has gone beyond imaginable doubt.

Later it drifted to the siblings of the eminent, most precisely those linked to politicians. And now; everybody, anybody, so long it breaths; guess it got a price tag.
Imagine akara and plantain sellers kidnapped. “Don’t pay any ransom, don’t pay report to the police” the minister of information and police LGI would announce. But how can one obey when their loved ones are in the jagged-knives of the hoodlums? Even these hoodlums camouflage as policemen during operation: Commissioner of police how tight is our security in the country, is it only meant to protect the politicians in convoy or assist these insatiable hoodlums?.

They are the voracious youths, the insatiable graduates, the unemployed, highly intelligent and greedy fellows. What if these ideas are put into positive effect in the Nigeria economy?
Now that the everyday songbirds have failed in the chorus “children are the leaders of tomorrow” because I still see those leaders before I was born leading and contesting, provide for the youths opportunities and militancy will fly.


Have you read the papers seen the news? They medley “bank rubbery in Ogun state, civil servant kidnapped in Imo-state, Riot christians and Muslims, church bomb-blast, boko-haram…. Bombblast.. bomb…, 11killed, 5 injured, over 300 dies, suspected Boko-haram terrorist“ where is he ” he escaped

Dear Mr. president; Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, God sits on his throne of power and leadership. With his crown on, a cap devil dare not instruct him on what to do. Read in-between lines. The politicians started it, politicians better end it. Nigerians are fed up!

The True Poesy

written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

Tales Of A Wife: Love Is A Baton Race

  • Walking by the bush part
    I saw a young lady
    Heads down; fixed rigidly at a spot
    Crying so bitterly
    That I almost joined
    With a cracking voice she sang….
  • “Nne’, my mother!!!
    Nne’ mamam’ oooo!!!
    You were right
    I never should have loved
    Nne’, mamam’ oooo
    Open show me the way back to the house”
  • Young lady pick yourself up
    We are all students in the art of love
    Learning from every fallen baton
    We hold or once held
    Breaking mama’s rule
    Could have been right
  • “Nne’, my mother!!!
    Nne’ mamam’ oooo!!!
    You were right
    I never should have loved
    Nne’, mamam’ oooo
    Open show me the way back to the house”
  • Young lady pick yourself up
    Never quit
    Leave this spot
    Make yourself available
    To those that
    Considers you indispensable
  • Like a baton race
    One don’t play the game solely
    The game of life
    Is the game of love
    Affectionate dies
    Admiration is born.
  • (C) 2012 The True Poesy

    written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

    Her Jewelry Box

    • Part 1

    For a pragmatic approach to measuring such greats
    It has a seven all stars rating
    The giver of hope, main cause of lovelorn
    She always smile with her teeth as white as snow
    Could it be her jewelries, blisses, and sinuous acts
    A stolen glance at her parcel is a starry-eyed
    Peace obtained: like bow against violin strings
    Twinkles and blinks like the stars in the sky
    I wonder if she is a fallen angel…
    An affection so conformed and tempting:
    She is as tempting as the box she beholds
    The autumnal colored jewelry box reflect her blonde hairs
    Pretty is she and the definition of what she wears.


    • Part 2

    So divine the multicolored anklets,
    Bracelets and bangles reflects the look of the angels
    It is a Justifiable Pride. Remember J

    Stacked in the boxes’ wooly holes;
    Fingers wish to be detained in the rings 
    It is enormously powerful. Remember E

    Assorted collections of the wristwatches
    With hindsight, the manufacturers wish they hadn’t sold it out.
    It is a wellspring of attraction. Remember A


    The glamour of the string African beads,
    Pearl necklaces, golden and silver charm bracelets;
    Saliva drops from  a wide-open mouth:  ’tis an extrovert. Remember E

    The beauty of the lockets,
    Medallion and pendant, blesses her neck.
    What a leviathan of abundant beauty. Remember L

    The hoop and clip-on earrings  
    Have a figure of the catamaran.
    It is Reliable. Remember R.


    The decoration of the brooch gives her a flaunting beauty;
    Yep!, I got a Y
    And she is her Jewelry box the definition of who she is.






    The True Poesy

    Heavenly haven

  • In the dog-days of summer
    The bogeyman is come
    The thunder keeps sticking
    Earth quaking is turning normal
    Cheering has turned camel
    Under its own steam, in problematic desert
    Problem had torn all hopes
    Destroying and vanishing all homes
    Boo… hoo…boo…hoo!
    Stop those tears and come into haven
    Not just haven but heavenly haven
    Come get a doleful experience of what they call home.
  • (C) 2009

    The True Poesy

    written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

    Grief behind the upper body

      Picture on the wall; majestically clad shining out like the Sun
      Wooden frame hung beside the broken mirror, smiling lively at sorrowful
      Unemotional even as the fury shear tears facing her shine
      Before first slanting, the big palm tree has just fallen.
      Now with woe, it stamps emptiness in the loveseat
      Stealing smile and leaving photo clips in the fury mind.
      Life has just turned an everyday eclipse
      Why has the gods so treasured you?
      Now haters has got what they requested
      Anguished, the dark cloud settled right over fury.
      Tears never go dry, why… why… why…

    (C) 2009
    the true poesy

    Unintentional Existence: Gnash Not Your Teeth

  • Life a series, children grows to reproduce
    Existence so tragic, she, and her teen give up the ghost.
  • Nature is not blameworthy
    For creating the moment in time
    Of disappointment or delay
    Nor tragic tales with fascinating commencement
  • Save for, nature maybe question for verve
    For the devil is for eternity happy in bereave
  • Man be charge of your prosperity
    Blame not any untold prophesies
    For not prophesying on existence and extinction
  • Never subject the rain it is her season
    To drop and pay dividends to the oceans
    Although it crashes the sailors’ prime ship
    Do not forget it is the initiator of harvest
  • Nor blame the sun who prepares the earth for harvest
    Gnash not your teeth for harvest
    Life is not always flourishing
  • (C) 2009
    The True Poesy written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

    Gift of Prosperity

  • To my recipes in the kitchen, the blue-fire steams the groceries
    Breakfast time, there goes a companion, isn’t she gorgeous
    As virtuous as my mother, Dads’ wife
    And precious as Dads’ present to me; my first Laptop
  • My first laptop joy I bestow on the faces
    Of my children, Nigeria, Africa and the universe
    Unto that engaging day their destiny is carved
    Like an ocean of hilarity with airborne doves around it
  • (C) 2009
    The True Poesy

    written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

    Gentle Man

  • Suppose to be a gentle man
    Filled perfectly of a perfect gentle mind
    Gently getting corrupt by the casualties
    Slowly spending cash like I don’t mind
    Getting fames and shifting to mediocrity
    Was never the living dreams in thy mind
    More, stepping on the enemies buried mine
    Self digging a grave for the heart to be buried
    Deliberately grabbing an ungentle mind
    Maybe it is the drank or it’s the thought
    Cranks are always eccentric in personality
    For sure, grabbed a destiny of the line
    Like the prodigal son, I’m sorry is always thy end
    Why cracking and chewing evil nuts
    Even with thy adopted character seems lost
    Come back! There is a lot of rooms
    In the gentleman’s peaceful home.
  • (C) 2008
    The True Poesy

    written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

    Flourishing In Joyful Abodance

  • Flourishing under the shears of nature
    The trees do nothing but to breed
    Stubborn growth, thicken dark bark, colorful green leaves and beautiful flowers
    The wonderful birds weaves and sings on them splendidly

    Competition a normal routine in life
    Out of the abundance of nature and nurture
    The crop is to meet up with harvest
    Time when its height shall be reduced by the master

    Flavor, the taste of true toil
    Wonderful creatures eat of the return
    Beauty of enthusiasm and classic taste
    A poet’s line isn’t complete without the thrilling scenes

    To the silos, barns and boutique
    Storage is to defect drought
    Let the cooperative labor of the ants flourish
    Even when the water is banished

    Oh, fire! The odd but still copious
    Dangerous, desperate and willing to swallow
    All the wonderful matters made by nature
    Yet, the ants are still blissful in their harbor.

  • (C) 2009
    The True Poesy

    written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

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