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Wounded And Worn Affection

She wasn’t shy
To drop off her robes
Right before my eyes

She wasn’t touched
I thought she still care
I was wrong

She never listen
To the flying words
Look at it; she invited

Such messages seems like bye
Surprising not, right in front of her
I forgot my name

She wasn’t moved
When teardrops rolled
From my eyes unto the guitar

She didn’t hide a thing
Her naked self, so crystal clear
I saw two wonderful breast

Two beautiful dark nipples
Tagged with names
Frightening a ghost off its casket

I noticed, behind it
A hollow flake heart
Saying; I will never love you like you do

Her heart had a knife
Killing my love and life
Tears clouded,

Nostril filled
True love dashing away in the air
Like rumors

Her heart says
Even when you get tumors from rumors
She doesn’t care.

(C) 2012 TheTruePoesy

written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka


  1. Dara sylvia says:

    well, we can’t always have it all in life. I think d poet is inlove wif d personna, both body en soul but d personna deep down is ready 2 satisfy d sexual urge of d poet without shame or disgust even though she knows love is out of it. Here, I think two things are involved is either d personna is a prostitute or she has another lover which she cherishes so much.


    • Onyeche Vincent Onyeka says:

      Well Sylvia, the metaphor behind the poem is not that easy to understand. But from what is stated, the poet talks about a girl/lady who comes plain to him in naked truth. Not really for sex or real nakedness. He talks about the Lady’s heart holding a knife ready to kill his love and life; in that line, you would see that the heart is only trying to show a red signal (I’m not in love with you). In one of the lines also, the poet talked about the nipples and breast…. that wasn’t direct… all the poet meant was that she is engaged with someone else not him….

      Hope dis clarify things..
      Once again Thanks Sylvia!!! You the bomb…


  2. Very good article, I’ll bookmark Wounded And Worn Affection The True Poesy.



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