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Chasing Past

Guilt after guilt, it’s a terrible feeling
Like the terrible sounded earthquake
That shakes thy mind on the cloudy days
The death of peace eases the shame
No rest from fear all thy debts paid
Chasing; so firm, thy eases thyself out.

Nemesis and its promise buries thee in the tomb
Its motive is with strange affinities to the pride of death
Even in the daylight, the cheerful sun is as inherit as the grave
Heads hidden in the cap not enough to stale the past
Tilted glass espy thy fearful symmetry with ease

Guilt after guilt,
It hunts the heart harbored by the body
Stop searching for where to hide
There is no more alternative
Thy know it’s pay-back time.

(C) 2009
The True Poesy

written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka


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