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Unintentional Existence: Colors Of Life

Life is bright, ok, and doleful in most case
Life is of the darks, a misery space
Life is White; selfish to the riff-rats,
bigotry to conclusions from writings.
Brutal to the gentle and unwise to the peaceful-brunette

Life is Black; fill of hatred and malice.
The cat is never tired of chasing the mice
Life is red; an angry mind, Orange life is of pride and ambition
Coyness in chameleon feces, life is green
Never open to understanding.

Life is yellow; it got intellectuals
Life is brown, ‘oh what an avarice!’
Life is at times blue, noble to the eminent and pure for the saints
Colorless, life is a combination of experience
Always bringing about de’novo and grim reaping.

(C) 2009
The True Poesy written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka


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