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Coming Of The Bogeyman

In my own dominion, hold me captive
But let my busy hands touch the fret

And the guitar bridge shall weep in joy
But regain your composure, least you shear tears

Brutally, the drumsticks shall beat the drums
Not your hands, my hands shall rebound on the timpani

Compatriots’ beer in mind it isn’t your skin
I slide the bow against its strings

Compared to violin and Piccolo, the cello is big
But, the bogeyman; harp is on his way home

Careful you don’t dance to my marvelous percussion
When I smash the cymbals and shake the Tambourines

Domino effect, boohoo…boo…o…ho…o… You weep
Valve fixed; blooper minimized, my trumpeting is sweet

Close your ears, hear less of my joyful years
For the trombone and tuba, that I blow is loud

Not to forget, curl up in fear and condemn your eyes
Perpetually I’ll keep kissing my lifted trophies

(C) 2010
The True Poesy

written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

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