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    Dewy, I’m due for the dew
    My tears are not a few
    Like rainfall, but the flakes of rain
    The cold glass feels my flaw
    Dewily, I cover the meteors

    The meteors has fallen… despised it is
    … Can they trip over dirt-clothed diamonds?
    Can their desire be of cheep treasures?
    No… No… No,
    The dew has to rise….

    I know how I put out to sea
    In many horrific love-hive ship.
    Day and night
    I gnash my teeth,
    My fifth finger lick is nothing but never.

    Now that my meteors is rising
    Those who never bid him courage
    Thumbs him high
    Ay! They even
    Dream of handcuffing him to coax.

    Dewy, the dew sleeps on leaves
    Like the smartest ostrich on sandy plains
    I’m more innocent than the white sheep
    Beautiful perfection
    Outshining gold-diggers on an enormous trip.

    Dewily, I’m the moist in the sky
    My former haters… willing to try
    Cause I can’t be reach
    I loss not even an inch.

(C) 2009
The True Poesy

written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

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  1. Dewily The True Poesy is an extraordinary share. Many thanks for this writing.



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