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  • The uptown and ghetto man
    Mixing and allocating concrete
    White and dusty painted
  • He digs and covers
    A sole founder of many buildings
    But of all have none
  • Plummet sweat falls like birds
    On pins and needles
    He stops and cleans his face
    On his dirty shirt
    All for the paper chase
    All for the good days
    All salty sweat his only taste
  • Digging and covering, sweat drops like rain
    He thinks on how to spend all his pay in the bay
    Lots of drinks,
    Cheap drinks, smoke and friends
    The only female he knows gave him a pole distance
    He stew about her never changing leg boot
    She is his hope, creed and faith
  • Rain drops on him
    Sun showers allays the cold
    Under the snowflakes, he hustles
    No pain is profitless
    His joy is a secret
    His grief and fear too
  • Distant hope, creed and faith
    The only lover he chose
    Deep her hands into his hard profit
    And buried it six feet
    Beneath the ground
    As he cleaned his hands on his dirty shirt
    Rinsing it better on his face
    Fate; another female he knows appeared
  • Fate is always a waste
    The only lover he chose
    Hustling while he waits
    Served him an empty plate.
  • (C) 2010
    The True Poesy

    written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka


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