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Tales Of A Wife: Falsehearted Aficionado

  • Impressive to the system she operates
    Sorrowful to the stunts she executes
    Like a laptop, she sits on the lap
    Thankful to the adorable mayflowers
    Lovely to an engaged table
  • Smirks by his side at demand time
    Believes in harvest and despises the hazy
    Until the end of time, she is never decisive
    Not allover, never all over at difficulty
    Stalking and discarding admirers so she flaunts
  • The erosion originator eroded soil, rest-ripper, and sorrow-donor.
    Falsehearted aficionado, bloodsucking emotion figment of an imagination
    Like the fishes to the water so is the stars to the space
    In the Milky Way, he fix on to another star
    Her vigilant radar is to no-win location
  • At dilemma junction
    The moon got two stars in mind
    On his shoulder she falls, grabbing his hands
    Like the shooting stars, the new dates unbearably scuttle away
    Yet she is not here and she is not near.
  • (C) 2009
    The True Poesy

    written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

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