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Flourishing In Joyful Abodance

  • Flourishing under the shears of nature
    The trees do nothing but to breed
    Stubborn growth, thicken dark bark, colorful green leaves and beautiful flowers
    The wonderful birds weaves and sings on them splendidly

    Competition a normal routine in life
    Out of the abundance of nature and nurture
    The crop is to meet up with harvest
    Time when its height shall be reduced by the master

    Flavor, the taste of true toil
    Wonderful creatures eat of the return
    Beauty of enthusiasm and classic taste
    A poet’s line isn’t complete without the thrilling scenes

    To the silos, barns and boutique
    Storage is to defect drought
    Let the cooperative labor of the ants flourish
    Even when the water is banished

    Oh, fire! The odd but still copious
    Dangerous, desperate and willing to swallow
    All the wonderful matters made by nature
    Yet, the ants are still blissful in their harbor.

  • (C) 2009
    The True Poesy

    written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

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      I rate this poem 5 of 7


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