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Grief behind the upper body

    Picture on the wall; majestically clad shining out like the Sun
    Wooden frame hung beside the broken mirror, smiling lively at sorrowful
    Unemotional even as the fury shear tears facing her shine
    Before first slanting, the big palm tree has just fallen.
    Now with woe, it stamps emptiness in the loveseat
    Stealing smile and leaving photo clips in the fury mind.
    Life has just turned an everyday eclipse
    Why has the gods so treasured you?
    Now haters has got what they requested
    Anguished, the dark cloud settled right over fury.
    Tears never go dry, why… why… why…

(C) 2009
the true poesy

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  1. Grief behind the upper body The True Poesy was put into my favorites. I can’t wait to learn even more about this subject.


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