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Her Jewelry Box

  • Part 1

For a pragmatic approach to measuring such greats
It has a seven all stars rating
The giver of hope, main cause of lovelorn
She always smile with her teeth as white as snow
Could it be her jewelries, blisses, and sinuous acts
A stolen glance at her parcel is a starry-eyed
Peace obtained: like bow against violin strings
Twinkles and blinks like the stars in the sky
I wonder if she is a fallen angel…
An affection so conformed and tempting:
She is as tempting as the box she beholds
The autumnal colored jewelry box reflect her blonde hairs
Pretty is she and the definition of what she wears.


  • Part 2

So divine the multicolored anklets,
Bracelets and bangles reflects the look of the angels
It is a Justifiable Pride. Remember J

Stacked in the boxes’ wooly holes;
Fingers wish to be detained in the rings 
It is enormously powerful. Remember E

Assorted collections of the wristwatches
With hindsight, the manufacturers wish they hadn’t sold it out.
It is a wellspring of attraction. Remember A


The glamour of the string African beads,
Pearl necklaces, golden and silver charm bracelets;
Saliva drops from  a wide-open mouth:  ’tis an extrovert. Remember E

The beauty of the lockets,
Medallion and pendant, blesses her neck.
What a leviathan of abundant beauty. Remember L

The hoop and clip-on earrings  
Have a figure of the catamaran.
It is Reliable. Remember R.


The decoration of the brooch gives her a flaunting beauty;
Yep!, I got a Y
And she is her Jewelry box the definition of who she is.






The True Poesy


  1. An amazing Poem, thanks for the writing.


  2. lista says:

    I rate this poem 5 of 7


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