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We Are Fed up: God Bless Nigeria

God bless Nigeria!

Nigeria had just a hundred toxic problems now two gravy ones are born:

  • kidnapping from the southeast



  • bombing from the northern region



. No doubt, the politicians are its parents; HOW?

The trend of kidnapping in Nigeria date back to the days of oil money in the south then it was the foreigners. At this time, had Nigeria politics not been greedy and incompetent, kidnapping would have been over. This was the right time for amnesty not now when the damage has gone beyond imaginable doubt.

Later it drifted to the siblings of the eminent, most precisely those linked to politicians. And now; everybody, anybody, so long it breaths; guess it got a price tag.
Imagine akara and plantain sellers kidnapped. “Don’t pay any ransom, don’t pay report to the police” the minister of information and police LGI would announce. But how can one obey when their loved ones are in the jagged-knives of the hoodlums? Even these hoodlums camouflage as policemen during operation: Commissioner of police how tight is our security in the country, is it only meant to protect the politicians in convoy or assist these insatiable hoodlums?.

They are the voracious youths, the insatiable graduates, the unemployed, highly intelligent and greedy fellows. What if these ideas are put into positive effect in the Nigeria economy?
Now that the everyday songbirds have failed in the chorus “children are the leaders of tomorrow” because I still see those leaders before I was born leading and contesting, provide for the youths opportunities and militancy will fly.


Have you read the papers seen the news? They medley “bank rubbery in Ogun state, civil servant kidnapped in Imo-state, Riot christians and Muslims, church bomb-blast, boko-haram…. Bombblast.. bomb…, 11killed, 5 injured, over 300 dies, suspected Boko-haram terrorist“ where is he ” he escaped

Dear Mr. president; Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, God sits on his throne of power and leadership. With his crown on, a cap devil dare not instruct him on what to do. Read in-between lines. The politicians started it, politicians better end it. Nigerians are fed up!

The True Poesy

written by Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

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