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Housed Stranger

Tick . . . tick… tick

The heart drums fast

Bubbling like a stream boiling.
The legs may appear composed

Terrible he is a green-snake in a green grassland
Trailblazer in misdeed; a one chance grabber,

The heart as dark as ash; yet a saint he appears.

Assertively, he searches everywhere
“Who stole it?” He questions everyone

Never seen, caught, or suspected by somebody;

Invisible has he appeared to everybody
Heartless, surely he is Mr. nobody
Beware ay you housed stranger
The sun never shines forever.



written By: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

Tales Of A Wife: Her Plaint Body

At the front of her
She has got that thing
That makes you feel
You are in a state of defrost
Permafrost or a frozen hell.
Then if she passes by
I swear
You will hail sunshine.

Like a willing perdition,
Тake me through hell
So long she’s there,
It is a painless pain
Pick and mix
Spectacular compliment: Sure it is!
Her body is a case
That gets a plaintiff busy.

Plethora fine,
She’s a blissful nightmares
Her body is
A keen evil philanthropist
Petrified is ugly where beautiful she is
So cute like the dickens,
Aphrodite picks up a pen
What’s the ingredient of her fine?

With tangs of flowers,
The doves fly around her:
Oh! what a beauty;
That withers the root of setback
Without a mirror,
No eye sees itself
But her case is out of the shelf.

Mayhem In My Family

Do u hear the drums….
“Nkem” my lovely wife
Even Barnabas the priest runs
Sorry we must leave the barns…
Forget the casavas and harvest
Forget the yams and others
Hurry, hurry let’s leave the barns
Forget your “asah-oke” and wrappers
Just gather my daughters
“Anika, Lola and Ada”
Hide my sons “Sani, Femi, and Obi”
Save them from the recruiting arms men
“Nkem” hurry
For the wind is howling
Dust dash like its going to rain
“Chi”, “Oluwa”, “Ala” and God
Guide us
War is not tasty
Neither is it a curry
Yet these men spice-up life with it.

“Obi” my son
I’ve failed to protect you
Cry if you need to
But I can’t be there to dry your tears
“Chi” guides you
All the way
Your feet must now stamp boldness
Unto the dusty lands “Nkem’s” body forever sleeps
During the dry seasons
Hammertan and dire rains
“Grant Biafra its realm…”

“Femi” my son
“Oluwa” will see you through
For I’ve failed to protect you
Talk if you need to
But I can’t control your emotions
You will walk on hills,
Stony valleys and rocks
Fathers you are made to kill
Same sons, mothers
And daughters you rape
Just like they did to your sisters
“Militants, hoodlums and communal crisis”

“Sani” did you set
Fire on holy crosses?
“Obi” my son why vengeance
Now Shira… religious conflict”
Matter of power
“Sani” battles “Femi”
Brothers turn fierce enemies.

The sandy game of power and rule
Set in bombs and Boko Ha’ram…
“Sani, Femi and Obi”
My sons
Call for ambulance….
The green and white gown is blazing

My children never mind
The sandy game of power
Just ordered
State of emergency
Mayhem just increased in our family

“Sani” my son
I’ve failed to protect you
Go for rehab if you need to
I’m not there to call you to order
“Ala” see you through.

With all their snug riffles
And evading blockages
Not to forget
Aimless shooting and shouting
Which brings nothing but soak eyeballs
My three sons sourly soar!!!

Like beetle my sons command on land
Like flying butterfly in air
They spray dragon fire down like rains
Like soldiers which they are
Robot their hearts is mean
Fighting for the nation and self-centred me,
On sandy game of power
Who claim to be too old for battling
Yet young for embezzlement
Guess we all sourly soar!!!

“Anika, Lola and Ada”
May these words not fall on empty ears
Save the green
Ooo Save the white
Mind you the green is double
Share even
For responsibility not dis-unity
For your brothers
the Unknown legends’
Just ghost away in battlefield..
Raise your kinds
To live not in splitting Biafra
Or abide by the river boundaries
Or set sequins for head-shot
My daughters grow your kinds
To live as one.

The True Poesy

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