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Crawling Under The Soil

  1. Everyone keeps telling me I’m the lucky one.
    What could luck be without love?
    Looking at these pictures
    I wonder why we suddenly dream not of each other
    When we learnt how to kiss together.
    Weird; Its like fallen angels having wings to fly..
    Everyone keeps saying they envy my love
    What could be envied in a none existing love?
    Teenagers we were, even as adults,
    Childish we failed not to be, it was fun!
    Dry hot air now sprinkles out from love shower..
    It must have flushed the love lather off
    Everyone keep feeling it’s real when you cry
    Weak and touching; I cry, you cry,
    We cried on ones shoulder
    As if we knew, things end; even the good
    Uprooted; yet our roots still crawls
    Together underneath the sandy soil…


written by: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
© 2012
(D²rupoesy)℠ thetruepoesy™

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