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Tales Of A Wife: You

It did amuse you catching a butterfly
Colourfully wonderful
Not willing to let go,
With a partially open hands,
All behind you blinked white
So amazing you look
Can an angel be finer than you?
When it drops, it does rises
You are the butterfly, never let go.

All for you, fire burns cold inside
Solid as a block yet gaseous I can tell
Proposing passion pleasure pain
The triple hurts like hell
Love the bumper, we may be learners
Forever; the persistence pays a lot
If we bash and get back to the wheel
For it feels like strawberry in yogurt
I hope you read this, you are the sweetest.


  1. Josh says:

    Nice One… Got tears running down my chin


  2. Quinn says:

    Who must this be referin to? Lovely Poem, I read with autority


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