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Things I Do For Love

    1. Things I do for love; no rush
      Tempo slow; down with a brush
      Neatly, I touch, groom and brush
      Jerking in birthday-suit and such
      Lousy or not; kisses stamp on her hair.
      Things I do for love; kills my heir!
    • Sweeping of feet, tossing, I roll
      She on hand, she screams, ‘lemme down”
      Hairs slices the air of the sounds we make
      All of my riches and focuses dwells on her
      In her town, even Samson fell down
      Things I do for love takes a breath; not just a crown
    1. Only the dead is forever settled
      Scattering hairs with fingers
      Her hairs go fuzzy like Golliwog
      Forming a course for tears, maybe; I guess
      For love, yet creating love that plays emotions like a golf game
      Things I do for love is more to a brush…
  • Written by: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

    (C). 2012
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