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Cock: Cynthia

Oooo low class called Cynthia
Cheap pants over her,
Cheap heels under her
Shape well curved, tops just ok

Cynthia Cynthia!!!
Daydreaming of ever-after
Love made her hidden icy eyes
Bright as a touch-light,

Cynthia going out of her mind
Crazy in love, with who? her teacher
Old enough to be her father
Cynthia from the ghetto, got a dragon taste

Diamonds in dirt, or skirt
All he wish is to skip
Away from young hearted Cynthia
Who stands too close to him

Cynthia the Igbo girl
Poor english like your poor lip-gloss
Take not a foot to your teacher
Sexy you may talk but raspy he hears

Black-and-white copy of Rihanna
Listen to the ballad he sings
There is more to it

White-corneas widely open
Off-class daydreaming like Romeo
It takes two to whisper quietly

You selling your cheap-self cheaply
Ignoring the local brothers
Whose eyes catches you

Tightly embracing a total stranger
She’s good for a dear, If you ask me
But don’t dare:
Ask him.

Oooo local Cynthia
Chasing the air,
Chasing it so badly
She doesn’t get it

Screen ought to show
That the projector projects
She’s in love, if you ask me
Funny how love is,

Chasing one
Who chase another
Chase not.

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