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White Cottons, Lining and nostrils

Hey, cheer up brother
Least it hears or sees
The dead has done
And seen it all
Stood in rain
Scotched by sun
The dead has shed
Blood and tears!!!

The one with white cottons,
Lining and nostrils
Knows nothing…
At all
Happening around
Though it might sense
The tears of a clown
‘cos no one knows

Yes… ’tis the time,
To cry and frown
‘cos tis a thing for us all
Whether or not on thin ice
Our life lies
As a stellar
On the inevitable
Dining table… Of deaths.

White cottons,
White linings
In both nostrils
Use a tissue
Don’t you worry ’bout the issue
This world is not ours
We all travellers
So cheer up sister…

(C) 2012
on 14th Sept 2012 @ Mr. Felix Aziken’s burial ceremony (Off Emefiele Street by the expressway Agbor.)



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