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Cock: The Little Girl That Frown

  • Don’t know if I have a big bottom
    Because the ass is right at my back
    The memories it brings drags anger in a sack
    Hell yea! I frown
    And give a-slow-burn
    Without faking smile, unlike a clown
  • My memories of being a teenage,
    Has men twice my age
    That harasses and rattle my cage
    I wish I was brave or better sage!
    Pain wouldn’t have been in a sack
    But rather free in a cage
  • Black blood droplets, makes me cloud-up,
    And… Yes I frown
    It’s my beauty I like to hide
    So I give a sigh; “talk to my hand”
    And… Yes I frown
    I don’t care how innocent but don’t say “hi”
  • I have been bruised, abused and misused;
    Wish I was born the days hearts had courage
    And tongues were parrots not packed in a sack
    Separated by barriers from the ears of the walls
    Maybe my parents would have heard
    And bullets would have flown..
  • Now I’m just an author of sad sex stories
    But not a property causing cold war…
    Nor an indigestible fiber: so I keep to myself.
    Just me, left in a farm of my thoughts
    Cultivating imperfection that understands me a lot
    Knit-brows, I look-black with a rusted heart
  • Bruises and brushes of bad luck
    Steadily, I give the Devil an evil-eye
    Same eye that saw the Devil down
    Who tore my blouse and pants
    Devouring me in art and act,
    Fagged out in the hook packed in the sack
  • Nothing amaze me, the sound of the word
    … Is as heavy as the word: “Prick”
    If my milk drop please it is my breast?
    At times I wish I had powers of a sword
    To decapitate the cock away from my nest
    Smiling with a frown that says: “you’re yet to see the best”
    • (C) 2012. Written by ONYECHE VINCENT ONYEKA


    The Liltle Girl That Frown

    The Liltle Girl That Frown


    1. dara sylvia says:

      the stanzas are made up of 3 lines each(traz) which is unusual in poetry…… it depicts d fact dat little children are usually of little but cloudy words…



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