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Things I Hate About Falling In Love

Love hurts when you do it right.
The very moment I had her by my side
I felt I had gotten all I needed
Beauty, caring, loving, soft chocolate hide
A romantic angel, the affection of my life
Not to forget a perfect behind
Joy joy joy!!!

The shy one but you acted as though not
Forced you to throw away the blue jean jacket and long skirt
That hide the figure I call eight

Ain’t calling no names but she is the beautiful one
That wouldn’t leave my head
Thought about the night we first spent time together
The spinning around and
The exotic-lip-drink game we played
That was then, now I’m driving: don’t know if drunk or sober
Simple because her love messes-up my medulla.

Jealousy in love; she hates me more than the devil hates good.
Bringing up a nightmare by daylight in my head
It hurts so bad that I hate; falling in love.


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